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Ready Projects, with plants, lay-out and equipment list for:

Slaughterhouses, Milk and Dairy Industries, Cosmetic, Soap, Sampoo and Cream Industries, Vegetable Origin, Wine, Beer, Distilled, "Cachaša" and Sugar Cane Products, Ice, Mineral Water and Soft Drinks, Industries in General, Workshops and Offices that Provide Services, Pharmaceutical Industries, Industries for Cleaning Products, Bakery and Pasta Industries, Ice Cream and Popsicles Industries, Candy and Chocolate Industries, Hospital, Emergency Room, Clinics, Day-Hospital, Hotels, Restaurants and Entertainment Centers, Beekeeping and Factory for Honey Production, Egg Processing Factory, Food and Drinks Deliverer, Medicine Deliverer, Drugstore and Pharmacy, Laboratories, Laundries, Industrial Laundries, Hospital Laundries, Veterinary Products, Public Works, Tannery and Leather Tanning, Rural Constructions, Fodder and Manure Factory, Wastewater Treatment Industries, .


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Technical Staff
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ETechnical Staff formed by Engineers, Architect, Food Technicians and Electronic Technicians:

André Luiz de Magalhães
Keziah Virgínia Ribeiro Bastos de Magalhães
Caroline Augusta Rogge Giudice










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